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Welcome to Gokako

Gokako, Malaysia’s first trendy roasted chicken food chain restaurant with the aim is to solidify the harmony feelings of our three major nationalities in Malaysia. Our store design and cuisines are based with the arts and culture of Malaysia.

Main Dish

Dip with the secret marinate sauce that specially made by Gokako, roasted in perfect temperature that leave the chicken golden brown and gleaming, tender and juicy. The wonderful aroma provokes the ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment.


The generous and greasy topping of Gokako’s pizza is never satisfied enough. The perfect combination of shards of peppers, chicken, pineapples, and many more. It makes our pizza even unstoppable after the first bite. One slice is never enough!


Do not underestimate the thick patty between the buns. The tender and juicy chicken patty, the fresh lettuce, tomatoes slices, cheese and onion will create an explosion in your mouth. We served the finest burger, fulfilling the lust of all the burger lovers out there.

Brand Story

Gokako, a brand-new innovative and creative Malaysian fusion cuisine that is being invented by using a unique marinade recipe with different spices to make the top quality and tasty chicken with brave move.

Inspired by the enthusiasm and passion of Malaysia cultures, the hot and crunchy with juicy texture of the chicken will definitely make one drooling.

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Our Interior Design

The main concept of Gokako’s interior design based with the combination of Malaysia’s culture, arts, and elements. Apart from being cultural and in-trend, our goal is to create a remarkable dining experience in Gokako.

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